Mind Over Matter

(6:30PM - 8:00PM)

Clemmons, NC

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75% of all physician visits are stress-related. Do you wish to just manage stress, headaches, and mental illness...or do you wish to CONQUER them?

At this event, Dr. Barker will equip you with:

-3 Stress-Less Habits to make routine
-3 movements that counter stress
-How to minimize risk for Alzheimers + Dementia
-The missing links for people with chronic Depression + Anxiety
-Combating chronic headaches + migraines without over-the-counters, prescriptions or botox.  
-Live the life you want. Conquer stress, headaches, and mental illness without drugs or medications!

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Agape Faith Church

2101 Lewisville Clemmons Rd.

Clemmons, NC

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