Your Family Matters

When we set out to establish this office in March of 2015, we spent the whole 6 months prior in prayer and preparation for the healing that would come here. I remember mornings even in July 2014 driving to the training center in Naples, Florida with the sun rising and praying and envisioning the people that would get life change in our office. What excites me now, is that though I didn’t know you then, it was YOU I was praying for! My vision for this practice is to see whole families—that’s mothers, fathers, sisters, daughters, sons, grandparents and grandkids—get their health back and stay well together using the 5 Essentials as their health care system.

I prayed for you because, with all the tragedy I’ve seen in my own family with health, I realize there are just two paths: SICK CARE (chronic medications, surgeries, injections, early death) and HEALTH CARE. My mission for you and your whole family is HEALTH CARE.

Why a whole family? Because when the 5 closest people to you are under the same HEALTH CARE model, you keep each other accountable and even better, you are there for each other for years to come. You become an example for your kids and leave a legacy where there are no medications, sickness and disease dissipate, and life actually achieves its potential. If you still have family members that have never had a 5 Essentials evaluation, you need to get them checked! Subluxation (nerve pressure) lurks around leaving sometimes less than desirable symptoms. Your family doesn’t deserve that!

In less than a years time,  I have seen:

-Grandparents who were highly skeptical anything would work come off blood pressure medication and be agile again—able to have a blast with their grandkids

-An elementary girl reverse epilepsy and no longer need a kidney transplant

-8 and 16 year olds boys under wellness care to ensure they continue growing up healthy and reaching their fullest potential off medications

-7 and 11 year olds girls go off PRESCRIPTION headache medication, that not only wasn’t helping, but was causing premature development

-Newborn baby with hip dysplasia have adjustments and no longer recommended for a brace

-Babies, toddlers, young adults and great grandparents go off acid reflux medication

-Mom with young kids migraine free and no longer needing gall bladder removal

-Parents and grandparents off their canes and back on their feet

-Kids and adults reversing ADHD and stronger mental clarity

-Dozens of medications tossed, hundreds of pounds lost, and priceless lives saved

All these awesome things happen as a result of taking care of your spine and nervous system. The first step is getting it checked. It is my prayer you will take action. What if it works? What if it changes a life? It did mine!


Blessings to you!

Dr. Jason Barker